The ecological challenge through 10 Flemish, Walloon and French creations.
The ecological challenge through 10 Flemish, Walloon and French creations.
tue 21.11.2023 - 09:30 > 18:00 - Budascoop Kortrijk
On Tuesday, 21.11, we invite Flemish, Walloon, and French programmers to get acquainted with 10 exceptional artists who address sustainability and ecology, including Jana De Kockere (BE), Cie Le Compost (FR), Collectif 3ème Vague (BE), Compagnie La Ponctuelle (FR), Frank&Robbert Robbert&Frank (BE), Sien Vanmaele (BE), Lucas Katangila (BE), Azahara Ubera Biedman (BE), and others.
In the morning, we'll get up close with their new artistic projects, the ecological challenges within their work, and the partnerships they establish in this regard.
In the afternoon, artists Lorette Moreau (Amicale de Production, FR) and Liselore Vandeput (BE) will engage us in an engaging conversation transcending national and linguistic boundaries based on these proposals. You will experience how sustainable challenges can be translated into the role of a programmer and artist, how new contacts inspire you, and drive you to take concrete action.
 In collaboration with & moderated by: Liselore Vandeput (BE) & Lorette Moreau (Amicale de Production, FR)
Meet theater makers, choreographers and performers from Flanders, Wallonia and Hauts-de-France and get to know their new productions and the ecological challenges they are addressing.
08:30 > 09:30 - reception
09h30 > 10h00 - introduction
10:00 > 12:30 - artistic journey
with 10 Flemish, Walloon and French artists. They will be presenting their latest productions, as well as their partners and new challenges in the search for solutions in terms of ecology and sustainability. The detailed programme of guest artists will be announced on mid-October.
12h30 > 14h00 - lunch
14h00 > 17h00 - unexpected encounters
→ moderated discussions on artistic projects
→ sharing our practices, how to act on questions of sustainability in supporting artistic production. How to pool forces between the two regions.
→ conclusions.
In the evening, you can book shows of your choice:
→ 20:15 > 21:45 - Reut Shemesh - ATARA - dance - Antigone Kortrijk
→ 20:00 > 22:00 - Lina Majdalanie & Rabih MRoué - Hartaqāt - theatre - bus to La Condition Publique Roubaix
→ 19:30 > 20:30 - Léa Drouet - J'ai une épée - théâtre - Maison de la Culture d'Amiens
→ 20:00 > 21:30 - Alexander Vantournhout - Foreshadow - danse - Le Bateau Feu Dunkerque
Free registration
For further information, please contact Benoit Geers (0472 59 44 87) or Virginie Charlet (0486 50 85 11). 

Discover the biographies of every artists involved on 21 November 2023.