Religion and art have been intertwined for centuries. But what about today ? Is the religious world still interested in art ?

 The Italian-Belgian duo of artists Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost make a stand against art that puts itself outside society. The Brussels collective Transquinquennal makes theatre starting from everyday, contemporary, living material. For Let’s Religion they wrote letters to religions, sects and spiritual movements in which they asked only one question : ‘What can we artists (free of charge) do for you ?’ Or : give us an assignment and we’ll execute it.

Enthusiasm, incomprehension, distrust and interest was the sauce over the answers they got back. The makers don’t judge, they show and get to work to carry out their assignment as meticulously as possible. The result is a sort of fair where the visitor can walk around and cull interpretations, answers, art and even more questions.

 “Our project is not about religion, not even about the specific relationship between the artistic creation and religion. Starting from the relationships between assignment, Maecenas, artist and the work of art, we question the place and the role of the contemporary artist.”

Production Transquinquennal / Coproduction Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Netwerk - centrum voor hedendaagse kunst (Aalst), BUDA kunstencentrum (Kortrijk)