Archive NEXT 2023


Nathan Ellis (United Kingdom)

Minimum age 14+
60 minutes
English spoken
English surtitled
"For those who hate their boss, who are a boss, and for those who are wondering what they are doing with their lives at work" – ★★★★★ Sophia Hembeck, The Skinny
Do you hate your job ? Come and work for us.
Work.txt is a performance about burn-outs and bullshit jobs, about flexwork and quiet quitting. There are no actors. The employees are absent. You, the spectator, you have to replace them yourself. You clock in, get breaks at measured moments and you work as a team. But you are your own boss, completely free.
In this performance the public reads a text aloud. Together you are the employees of a big company in a big city. But suddenly something happens that was not in the script. Then the text will contain instructions and its author will appeal to a few volunteers... Do you stay in the background or do you present yourself in front of your colleagues ? (No panic, both options are equally good.)
During the lockdown in 2020, Nathan Ellis made work_from_home, a satiric performance as a Zoom meeting, in which the audience were wondering about the strangeness of the human kind. Work.nxt, this live version for the post-pandemic time, is a fascinating reflection on the absurdity of our work culture. The performance was internationally showered with nominations and lyric reviews.
In corealisation with CC de Schakel
Text and direction: Nathan Ellis
Production: Emily Davis, Eve Allin
Technical coordination: Harry Halliday
 Music and sound: Tom Foskett-Barnes
 Lighting design: Danny Vavrećka
 Dramaturgy: Ben Kulvichit, Sam Ward