Young Dreams

Amina Abouelghar (Egypt) & Laure Betris (Switzerland)

Minimum age 14+
60 minutes
Full: € 10,00
Reduction: € 8,00
Young Rate: € 6,00
15.11.’23 Budascoop Kortrijk
16.11.’23 Budascoop Kortrijk
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Amina Abouelghar is an Egyptian dancer and choreographer. For Young Dreams she examines the collective memory of the society in Caïro where she was born. The sounds, gestures and expressions that have been passed on from generation to generation. The fairytales, songs, tastes and images. Abouelghar asked her close ones about their housekeeping, family dynamics, the soul of their street. Do their experiences match with the memories of her own childhood ? What does nostalgia exactly mean ?
The intimate performance Young Dreams makes one think about the action of remembering. Commemorating can be a political deed for those who belong to a suppressed community. But it is also inherently linked with dance and the body. Via stories and dance Abouelghar brings movement into what could be the memory of a community. The music in the performance is made by Laure Betris, a Swiss-Iraqi musician and composer who also activated the archive of her own father for this project. 
In collaboration with Mophradat