Der Bau (Le Terrier)

Isabelle Schad (Germany) & Laurent Goldring (France)

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€ 7,00

Choreography and archive of tomorrow.

Der Bau continues building on the investigation the German choreographer Isabelle Schad and the French visual artist Laurent Goldring set up for their productions Unturtled 1-4. Starting-point for Der Bau is the Kafka story of the same name (in Dutch : Het hol). In their previous projects they considered clothes as organs and therefore metaphors for the body ; now they apply the same analogy to the secret corridors of the underground hole in the story. The mysterious inhabitant thinks he has found ultimate safety in this hole.

“In Der Bau we want to investigate how the body can design the space around it, as a place, as a scene, as a scenographic data.”

Isabelle Schad took a training in classical dance in Stuttgart. Since the end of the 90ies she has made her own productions with international success. She has been working with visual artist Laurent Goldring for years. The latter studied philosophy before he converted to photography, video and media art.

Concept Isabelle Schad & Laurent Goldring / Composer & Sound designer Peter Böhm / Founded by The Lord Mayor of Berlin, Senat Chancellery - Cultural Affairs, Fonds Darstellende Künste / Production Isabelle Schad in collaboration with Espace Pasolini de Valenciennes et Monty Antwerpen