Archive NEXT 2020

Les Forteresses

Gurshad Shaheman (Iran / France)

Minimum age 15+
180 minutes

The theatre of the intimate : this is what you could call Gurshad Shaheman's work. Since his autobiographical trilogy Pourama Pourama (2012), each creation of the French-Iranian theatre maker has been a real event. Not long ago he still told his own story as an exile ; at NEXT 2018 he showed Il pourra toujours dire que c'est pour l'amour du prophète, a performance with people who had to flee because of their sexual identity.

This time Shaheman gives a voice to three women of his family. His mother Jeyran and her sisters Shady and Homa were born in Iranian Azerbaijan at the end of the fifties. All three of them were left activists who suffered eight years of war, the revolution of 1979 but also the disappointment after the islamization of the country. In the nineties their ways parted : Jeyran went to France, her younger sister Shady to Germany. The last, Homa, stayed in Iran. 

Shaheman interviewed the three women and caught their destinies in as many monologues, each of them for a different actress. Both together and separately they tell the story of the Iranian woman at the end of the previous century. Moreover, the monologues are accompanied by the compositions of Lucien Gaudion, a beautiful mix of electro-acoustic music, Azerbaijani songs and Persian conversations. Again, Les Forteresses is theatre at its most intimate : a miniature world populated with moving stories but a clarifying view as well on the diaspora that is still going on today.