Benjamin Verdonck (Belgium), Toneelhuis (Belgium) & KVS (Belgium)

50 minutes
€ 10,00
€ 8,00
€ 8,00

For Notallwhowanderarelost  playful Benjamin Verdonck built a kind of “table stage”. In a small theatre on a large wooden table he plays a fascinating game with triangles gliding past and bits of string. The audience is spellbound and completely enwrapped in this mechanical ballet of abstract forms. The utter concentration with which Verdonck operates and his tireless energy to work the whole machinery are admirable. Notallwhowanderarelost is theatre reduced to its essence, a magic box that offers decompression from the busy world outside.

The Theaterkrant called this solo “a pearl to be cherished” and Knack referred to a “sublime hour of tranquillity”. Less is more was also the opinion of the jury of the Theatre Festival who selected this performance in its “best of”.  Also very suitable for children (+ 10)

* Kortrijk 24.11 - 19:30h

FROM AND WITH Benjamin Verdonck, Iwan Van Vlierberghe, Sven Roofthooft, Sébastien Hendrickx, Han Stubbe, Louisa Vanderhaegen, Griet Stellamans / PRODUCTION Toneelhuis and KVS / COPRODUCTION kunstenfestivaldesarts / Steirischer Herbst (AT) / NXTSTP / WITH THE SUPPORT OF the Culture Programme of the European Union