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De Verse Tijd

Mokhalled Rasem (Iraq), Kuno Bakker (Netherlands), Toneelhuis (Belgium) & Dood Paard (Iraq / Belgium / Netherlands)

Subtle duet about the small dramas of diversity

Mokhallad Rasem (Toneelhuis) acted in a former performance of Dood Paard, Othello (Bye Bye). Last year Kuno Bakker (Dood Paard) had a part in the Toneelhuis production Poquelin II. The two actors got to know each other better and had long conversations about their different backgrounds. Kuno Bakker is the son of a minister from the Calvinistic Netherlands, Mokhallad is the son of an actor raised in an Islamic country, Iraq.

In De Verse Tijd  Rasem and Bakker investigate their relationship to the present juncture. The two migrants living in Antwerp play nine mini-dramas each of which has a central theme : love, fear, loneliness, sex, war, secrets, fathers, art and death. These themes lead to conflicts, but also to recognition and reconciliation. Food for a classical tragedy maybe, but these pieces are anything but classical. Each drama has its specific form  : a dialogue, a monologue, a dance or a game with objects. Together the parts tell a frame story about two men who, in spite of their differences, look for the common ground where their lives touch and enrich each other. Or where perhaps they should leave each other alone.

Thus the handling of a case of adultery in Rasem's native village seems to Bakker an almost absurdist ritual. A big circle is formed with tens of relatives, there is catering, a large tent is set up and everyone gets the opportunity to ventilate his opinion about the case during several days. The other way round and equally absurd is the circle of relatives in a cramped living room in the village of Bakker's youth. The family celebrates the birthday of one of them, with enough, but not an excess of snacks, and openly criticizes the doings and dealings of an absent relative.

In the heart-to-heart talk about these differences, the audience is invited to think along and define their own position. Behind De Verse Tijd  beats a warm heart for diversity.

Free buss:
* 22/11: Departure at 19h45 from Kortrijk

Mokhallad Rasem & Kuno Bakker / Toneelhuis & Dood Paard
De verse tijd

WITH Kuno Bakker / Mokhallad Rasem / PRODUCTION DoodPaard (NL) / COPRODUCTION Toneelhuis