Archive NEXT 2023

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

Ezra Veldhuis (Netherlands) & Bosse Provoost (Belgium)

Minimum age 14+
60 minutes
Concept, lighting and scenography: Ezra Veldhuis & Bosse Provoost Choreography: Nathan Ooms, Bosse Provoost, Ezra Veldhuis Performers: Estefanía Álvarez Ramírez, Jayson Batut, Nathan Ooms Costume design & objects: Carly Rae Heathcote Sound design: Benne Dousselaere Outside eye:Marc Vanrunxt Execution set: Sibran Sampers, Remco Wuyts Technical coordination: Wim Bernaers Internship dramaturgy: Cesar Vromman
Hiros Co-production: C-TAKT, NEXT Festival, auawirleben Festival, Kunstenwerkplaats, SPRING Performing Arts Festival, CAMPO, Perpodium, Kraagsteen
With the support of: Kunstencentrum BUDA, De Grote Post, Le Bamp, STUK, Kunst/Werk, Stad Gent, the Flemish government,taxshelter of the Belgian Federal Government via Ufund