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What can be said about Pierre

Vera Mantero (Portugal) & O Rumo Do Fumo (Portugal)

35 minutes

Vera Mantero has been one of the most important figures of Portuguese contemporary dance since the end of the eighties. She tours the whole world and has worked together with a.o. Meg Stuart and Steve Paxton. Her solo What Can Be Said About Pierre shows the clash between word and body, the rational and the illogical, philosophy and intuition. Vera Mantero dances to the voice of Gilles Deleuze who gives a lecture on Spinoza's theories. Her movements are very much oriented towards the ground, as if she is drawn by an earthly power. “For me life is an incredibly rich and complex phenomenon, whereas I see my work as a continuous struggle against a weakening of the mind, a battle which I think is essential at this point in history,” says Vera Mantero.

18.11 Goldring & Rizzi + Vera Mantero: € 14

CONCEPT & PERFORMANCE Vera Mantero / SOUNDTRACK Gilles Deleuze (excerpts of "Spinoza : Immortalité et Éternité" / SOUNDTRACK EDITING Vera Mantero with Vítor Rua & António Duarte / LIGHTS Bruno Gaspar / PRODUCTION O Rumo do Fumo / COPRODUCTION Festival Escena Contemporánea '11, Madrid