Archive NEXT 2015

The Girl Who Never Was

Erik Bünger (Sweden)

60 minutes

The Swedish artist Erik Bünger presents 3 pieces of work at NEXT. The video installations A Lecture of Shizophonia and The Third Man are shown in De Paardenstallen of the Broel museum. During the opening of this exhibition, Erik Bünger also delivers the lecture/performance The Girl Who Never Was, the final piece of this trilogy about the human voice and the technological changes that led to the voice being disconnected from the body. Since the invention of the telephone at the end of the 19th century a voice can also come from somewhere else than a mouth, with all its psychological consequences : suddenly we experience our own voice also as someone else... Erik Bünger has retrieved the very first recorded voice ever (a fragment from Au Clair de La Lune) and his lecture takes us on an exciting journey through history !

The Girl Who Never Was is a coproduction with the Impakt Foundation, Utrecht in the framework of Impakt Works 2013 and has been made possible with the support of the City of Utrecht ; the Mondrian Foundation