The arrival of a mysterious stranger pulverizes the daily life of a bourgeois family. The balance is gone. The deepest hidden urges are exposed.

Each of the characters bang their head against a wall. Afterwards they have two options : they can cut off themselves from the world or they can transcend themselves and develop a greater consciousness.

In 1968 Pier Paolo Pasolini’s film Teorema was proclaimed a cult film, although it attracted few people at its release. The Polish director Grzegorz Jarzyna uses Pasolini’s scenario as a starting-point for his own investigation of the boundaries of Man and theatre. T.E.O.R.E.M.A.T. is adaptation and commentary at the same time, a virtuosic exercise in the dissection of rituals.

 Grzegorz Jarzyna (°1968) studied philosophy and theology. Then he wanted to become an author but he realised that everything he wanted to write had already been written. He decided it would be better for him to express himself with theatrical means, took a theatre training and has since concentrated himself on directing.

Director and adaptation Grzegorz Jarzyna /  With Jan Dravnel, Jan Englert du Théâtre National, Jadwiga Jankowska-Cieslak, Aleksandra Konieczna, Rafal Mackowiak, Danuta Stenka of Théâtre National, Sebastian Pawlak, Katarzyna Warnke / Walk-ons Mieszko Barglik, Pawel Gromek, Mateusz Kostka, Michal Mikolajczak, Kamil Przystal, Józef Stepien, Tomasz Trojanowski et Aleksandra Stepowska / Voice Lech Lotocki, Zbigniew Moskal / Scenography Magdalena Maciejewska / Music Jacek Grudzien, Piotr Dominski / Light Jacqueline Sobiszewski / Dramaturge collaboration Rita Czapka / Production TR Warszawa / In Partnership withNEXT Festival 005, Eurometropole Lille/KortrijkTournai+Valenciennes