A playful simulation game ánd powerful eye opener about the impact of (free) money on our behaviour

Is it possible that money is no longer rare, valuable and unequally divided but that, on the contrary, there is as much money available as there are people to spend it at any given moment ? 

Geconomicus is a dual game that makes us feel in a playful way the effects of classic money and of the changes free valuta can bring about in our daily behaviour.

Take care ! You might be a freer person when you leave !

10:00 introduction
10:30 > 12:30 Ğeconomicus 1 - simulation of the debt valuta
12:30 > 14:00 lunchbreak
14:00 > 16:00 Ğeconomicus 2 - simulation of the free valuta
16:00 > 17:00 debriefing Ğeconomicus + lecture Shéphane Laborde
17:00 > 18:00 certification (optional)