Archive NEXT 2018


Tatiana Julien (France)

60 minutes

The voracious power of a rebellious body

In Soulèvement Tatiana Julien embodies a universal act of resistance. The German 'Aufstand' makes us literally jump up. The French 'révolte' seems to be able to destroy complete buildings. With uprising we transform standstill   into movement , dejection into energy. We make arms rise, feet stamp, hearts beat. In the gesture of revolt, the body protests with all its members. Every fibre cries out : no !

The theme of Soulèvement is terrifically up-to-date now that more and more oppressed groups enter into combat with the male or white norm. In their oppression, but also in their emancipation, corporality is not uncommonly a crucial factor. This inflammatory solo is a sound installation in which the public can freely wander around.  The pulsating music of composer Pedro Garcia Velasquez and Axel Rigaud, the clever lightwork and the archive pictures make us lose ourselves in the resistance movement of one woman. Like Albert Camus, who advocated a courageous art in his famous essay L'homme révolté, Julien resolutely stands up : energetic and passionate, dancing continuously.

When Tatiana Julien graduated from CNSMDP and the University of Paris VIII she became a performer with a.o. Thomas Lebrun and Olivia Grandville. In 2011, at the crossroads of her many cooperations, she founded the company C'interscribo. Meanwhile she has made several creations with it, of which La Mort & l'Extase from 2012 was the first.  Afterwards followed the three-part Douve (2012,2013,2014), Ruines (2014) and Initio, an opera she wrote together with the composer Pedro Garcia-Velasquez and Le Balcon. From 2015 to 2017 Tatiana Julien was a choreographer of Dancing Museums, an ambitious European project with four other choreographers and ten amateurs with whom she performed in the Paris Louvre and the National Gallery in London. At NEXT Festival Julien presents the solo La Mort et l'Extase this year.