Archive NEXT 2023


Aymeric Hainaux (France)

Minimum age 12+
25 minutes
He is a beatboxer, a comic writer, a visual artist and a poet. Aymeric Hainaux is a 'total artist'. For seven years he travelled hitchhiking around the world  staging performances inspired by the places where he landed and the people he met. Meanwhile he also published the graphic novel Melancholia and together with a banjo player he formed the group Cantenac Dagar. During their concerts they play in the middle of the audience vibrating on the direct environment and its energy.
Also as a beatboxer Hainaux has a special attention for what happens in the moment. No loop pedal, no microphone or mouth organ. The sound of Hainaux makes you think of the fine percussions of Roland TR-909, the legendary drum machine that has left an indelible stamp on electronic music such as techno and house. But his concerts are just as well defined by gestures and silences.
This solo is one for an with the audience, as a shared folklore.