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closing party

Davis Freeman (United States), Emika (United Kingdom), Nosedrip (Belgium) & Kiani del Valle (Puerto Rico)

An international festival like NEXT deserves an extraordinary closing festivity : See You Next Time!

Last year the party company La Zouze focused on eccentric costumes and participation ; this year we go for a straightforward party.

In close collaboration with De Kreun – Kortrijk specialist in this – and with the audience, artists, musicians, organisers and whoever else willing and interested, we want to build an unforgettable party.

10.30 pm

Davis Freeman (USA/BE) Karaoke (Art), a bizarre combination of contemporary video art and the well-known sing along phenomenon. Fifteen international top artists have created their own video for a popular karaoke song. Of course, the purpose remains that you (yes, you there !) sing someone else's songs but at the same time you become part of a work of art. Twice a winner !

11.30 pm

Emika (UK) & Kiani del Valle (PR) : VIOLET Live –  world première. Emika smoothly combines a classical background with electronic music in her album DVA, which she wrote, recorded and produced all by herself.

Dancer Kiani del Valle also combines classical training (Russian ballet) with a good sense of experiment. They cherish their roots but at the same time they don't shrink from destroying traditional forms. Not risk-free but full of zest. In this way VIOLET Live becomes an overall experience full of contrasts, animal movements on points and futuristic female images (or are they extraterrestrials ?) to a unique sound track full of sexuality, tension and release. A happening in the true sense.


00.30 – 04.00 am

DJ Nosedrip, or Ziggy for the friends, sometimes called the Ghent wonder boy, although his playlist is not exactly what one might expect from a renowned DJ. Nosedrip doesn't follow any trend, refuses to acknowledge genres and astonishes friend and foe with his self-willed, uncompromising selections. Let us get blown away and See You Next Time !

€ 5 / FREE with NEXT-ticket or Kreuncard.

creation: Emika & Kiani del Valle, composition and live music: Emika, choreography & dance: Kiani del Valle, light design: Randall Diagre, sound: Peter Ettwein



Concept and Curation: Davis Freeman (US/BE)

participating artists: Antonia Baehr (DE) Killing me softly - Anouk De Clercq & Fairuz (BE) New York New York - Tim Etchells (UK) Paint it Black - Davis Freeman (USA/BE) Creep - Johan Grimonprez (BE) You’re the first, the last, my everything - Gary Hill (USA) Good Vibrations - Chris Kondek (USA) Are you Lonesome tonight - Mait Laas (EE) What a wonderful world - Jodie Mack (UK) I wanna dance with somebody - Laure Prouvost (FR/UK) Sweet Dreams - João Salaviza (PT) Sunny Afternoon - Sarah Vanagt (BE) This boots are made for walking - Walter Verdin (BE) Let’s dance - Visual Kitchen (BE) Bohemian Rhapsody