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Rhythm Is The Place

Juan Dominguez (Spain)

Minimum age 12+
60 minutes

From beat to meaning

Yes, also rhythm is political. Juan Dominguez makes you see, hear and feel this in Rhythm is The Place. In it he brings together two special fascinations : the political potential of big concerts, festivals and DJ sets and our relationship with time. Indeed, the one who dances and creates rhythms influences our perception of time. What if rhythm does not only enforce surrender but also resistance?

This dance concert borrows its title from the Grace Jones song. The performance is actually the result of years of passionate listening to jazz, soul, R & B and funk music. But Dominguez was also inspired by the Black Studies, which research the black history and culture and the politics that are enclosed in these music styles. Finally the choreographer pays a tribute to the Judson Church in New York, thé place where avant-garde choreographers laid the foundations of post-modern dance in the sixties.

Via movements, rhythms and conventions from popular music happenings Dominguez reflects on the most urgent issues of this era and probes the political potential of dance and music – does this audience opt for resistance or for surrender?

Free buss:
  • 28/11: departure at 18:30 from Kortrijk (BK6)

Concept, direction and preformed by: Juan Domínguez.
Artistic accompaniment: Julia Rodríguez and Arantxa Martínez.
Light and sound design: Catalina Fernández.
Production Manager: Annika Stadler.
A production by Juan Domínguez in co-production with Kunstencentrum BUDA, Tanzfabrik Berlin and Radialsystem.
Financed by Hauptstadtkulturfonds-Berlin.