Archive NEXT 2016

Radical Light

Salva Sanchis (Catalonia / Spain)

55 minutes

Ingenious choreography at 120 beats per minute !

Radical Light 
is an energetic choreography built around the musical concept 'puls'. Sound designers Senjan Jansen and Joris Vermeiren, alias Discodesafinado, composed a rhythmic and catching sound palette full of minimal techno and experimental electronics at a sturdy 120 beats per minute. The five dancers - among them choreographer Salva Sanchis himself-completely surrender to the booming music. “The funky capers of Sanchis & co are impressive ánd surprising. A clever choreography that is carried out virtuoso”, wrote Focus Knack enthusiastically.

Salva Sanchis was born in Catalonia. He attended a theatre training in Barcelona and moved to Belgium in 1995 to study at P.A.R.T.S. where he graduated with the first batch of students and was also to teach later. In 2003 he joined Rosas for the performance Bitches Brew/Tacoma Narrows by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, which led to a choreographic collaboration for the next two Rosas productions Desh and Raga for the Rainy Season/A Love Supreme. Since 2009 he has been working together with Bernard Fouccroulle (ex De Munt) on The Organ project, a long series of dance performances with live organ music in churches all over Europe. With Marc Vanrunxt, Sanchis forms the organisation Art/Work. In his own choreographies full of pure, flowing movements, Sanchis always examines the relation between dance and music. Well-known productions he made are a.o. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear, now h e r e, Angle and The Phantom Layer. Last season Sanchis worked on Islands, a series of short dance pieces that could be seen in the various cities of NEXT and together formed a diverse but self-contained movement landscape. After 20 years in Brussels, Sanchis returns to Barcelona. Radical Light might well be his last ultimate dance performance. Don't miss this goodbye party to the rhythm of the 'beat of life' !

*Armentières: 27.11 - 14:30 (rés Le Vivat +33(0)3 20 77 18 77)
*Kortrijk: 27.11 - 16:45
*Villeneuve d'Ascq: 27.11 - 16:45  

CHOREOGRAPHY Salva Sanchis DANCE Inga Huld Hakonardottir, Peter Savel, Stanislav Dobak, Thomas Vantuycom, Salva Sanchis MUSIC “Discodesòafinado By Joris Vermeiren And Senjan Jansen PHOTOGRAPHY Bart Grietens PRODUCTION Kunst/Werk WITH THE SUPPORT OF Vlaamse Gemeenschap