Archive NEXT 2010


Clémence Coconnier (France) & Marco Suarez Cifuentes (France)

35 minutes

Plis is a living installation in the most literal sense of the word. The breathing body, the muscles and their tiny contractions, and the skin with its opening and closing pores are the focus of this minimalist choreography. Together with composer Marco Suarez Cifuentes, video artist Kasper T. Toeplitz and percussionist Hélène Colombotti, Coconnier examines the dynamics, the sound and the beauty that hide in even the tiniest folds of the body.

choreography and concept video Clémence Coconnier / dance Mélissa Lézin, Anne-Laure Pecot, Clémence
Coconnier / composition and development ‘informatique musical’ Marco Suarez Cifuentes / percussion Hélène Colombotti / electronics live Marco Suarez Cifuentes / video device and realisation informatics Kasper T.
Toeplitz / lights Sylvie Garot / fashion design Juliette Bogers