Archive NEXT 2017


Tripostal Lille (France)

A body-driven exhibition of the Centre Pompidou

The world-famous Centre Pompidou celebrates its 40th anniversary and sends out its children : under the name “Performance!” a few masterpieces of the collection land in Lille and enter into a dialogue with new (performative) work. The exhibition takes place both in Tripostal and Saint Sauveur station.

The focus of the exhibition is the representation of our (social) ego : since the renaissance we have been working on our own image and with the boom of technology and social media this tendency has only increased. The question Spinoza asked himself in the 17th century is again (or still ?) very relevant : “What is a body capable of ?”

It's this question that determined the selection of the curators. Indeed, the concept of 'performance' is inextricably bound up with almost all possibilities of the body, both verbal and nonverbal. It is also the basis of the critical art that has challenged the principles of flying time and productivity since the 20th century and tries to reinvent the 'here and now'.

“Performance!” shows work of a.o. Trisha Brown, Andrea Fraser, William Forsythe, Bruce Nauman, Francis Alÿs, Joseph Beuys, Mike Kelley, Rineke Dijkstra and Lili Reynaud Dewar.