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PATRIARCAT Vivre en confinement éternel

Winter Family (France / Israel)

Minimum age 15+
70 minutes

The patriarchate stripped

How to investigate the idea of patriarchate ?

Hard question that Winter Family takes in its stride.

A couple both on and off stage, the Israeli Ruth Rosenthal and the French Xavier Klaine create experimental music and documentary plays. Like for their previous performance, H2 -Hebron, which focused on the Israeli occupation in Palestine, the duo collects a lot of testimonies before rendering them in a raw way on stage.

This time, their field of research is their own family : a father, a mother and their adolescent daughter of 14. For two years, Ruth discreetly noted the words pronounced by Xavier which, in her eyes, corresponded with patriarchal reflexes, in order to highlight the banal mechanisms of masculine dominance in our daily life. In this way the play plunges us in a crude way into their apartment-studio before Ruth -woman/witch- proposes a non-binary and poetic departure from the patriarchat. Their daughter Saralei will fight old structures with the weapons of her generation.

Free buss:
  • 24/11: departure at 19:15 from Villeneuve d'Ascq (Le méliès)
  • 25/11: departure at 18:00 from Kortrijk (BK6)


Performance in cooperation with la Condition Publique.

Conception, research, direction, scenography, texts & music: Winter Family.
Sampling of the reality: Ruth Rosenthal.
With: Xavier Klaine, Ruth Rosenthal, Saralei Klaine, Olivier Robert, Lola Bourdin

Dramaturgical advice: Camille Louis. 
LightsJérémie Cusenier.                                                                                        
General manager: Julienne Rochereau.                                                                            
Sound engineer: Anne Laurin / Sébastien Tondo.                                                            
Stage manager & construction: Marion Abeille.
Octopus costume: Corinne Petitpierre made by Anne Tesson (”Crash Park” of Philippe Quesne).

Talks: Yael Perlman, Gallien Dejean, Marie Lechner.

thanks to: Philippe Quesne, Elodie Dauguet - Vivarium Studio, Charlotte Merlin - Atelier costumes of the MC93, and Fanny Veran
Choreographic advice: Paco Decinà. 

Administration production diffusion: La Gestion des Spectacles - Les 2 Bureaux        
Production: Winter Family.
Coproduction: MC93 - Scène nationale de Seine-Saint-Denis - Bobigny, Théâtre de Lorient - CDN, CDNO - CDN d’Orléans, Théâtre National Bretagne - Rennes, La Rose des Vents - Scène nationale Lille Métropole - Villeneuve d’Ascq et Next Arts Festival
Residencies: MC93 - Scène nationale Bobigny, Théâtre de Lorient - CDN, CDNO - CDN d’Orléans, Théâtre National Bretagne - Rennes, CCAM Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy, Le Centquatre - Paris, Le Nest - CDN Thionville-Grand Est, Centre National de la Danse - Pantin, Théâtre Cinéma de Choisy-le-Roi, Théâtre de l’Aquarium - Paris, Centre Culturel ABC La Chaux-de-Fonds - Suisse.
Project supported by: the Ministère de la Culture - Direction régionale des affaires culturelles d'Île-de-France.


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