Archive NEXT 2020


Ivana Müller (Croatia / France)

Minimum age 8+
45 minutes

Choreographer Ivana Müller is known for her surprising creations in which she radically questions the foundations of a dance performance and the role of the audience in it. This time she addresses a young audience for the first time. Partituur is a participatory choreographic game made by and for children.

Around a space drawn on the floor Müller invites some thirty children. They can be dancer as well as spectator. Each participant wears a helmet over the ears and gets instructions or suggestions. Everybody is invited to act freely. Do you choose to follow the instructions ? Or don't you and do you prefer to watch how others dance ? Each person of the group enriches the performance with his or her personal touch.

Little by little a dance full of mischief is formed, a dance like no other. Anyway, is this in fact real dancing ? Not for nothing Partituur is called after the Dutch word for a written piece of music. By all these children who – unconsciously – put together a choreography or partituur, she makes us reflect on collective imagination.

Partituur is made for fifteen to twenty-five participants and lasts a good 30 minutes. The piece has been performed in 9 different languages by more than 200 different groups. If you want to discover an other side of the rich work by Ivana Müller you can also attend Forces of Nature at NEXT.