Francesca Grilli is a young Italian artist who participated in the Venetian Biennale in 2013. She develops her performances by intuitively combining elements which seem to be far removed from each other, thus creating forms with a direct poetical power. For Oro, Francesca Grilli remembered that, when God asked Adam to give names to the world around him, he used 'the language of the birds', using only one single sound to catch the essence of a creature. Grilli feeds here on esoteric influences – which, in fact, characterize all her recent work – and thus stages a performance that is both very simple and very strong, evoking the possibility of a new world, a “Golden Age”, a revolution for our contemporary world.

15.11 Simon Tanguy + expo Buda + Milo Rau + Francesca Grilli: € 24

* Villeneuve d'Ascq: 15.11 - 16:00h (Parcours Simon Tanguy)

CONCEPT Francesca Grilli / WITH Alessandra Bordiga / FALCONERS Angelo Emilio Bergamotti / PRODUCTION AND ORGANIZATION Alessandra Saviotti / MUSIC CONSULTANCY Agnese Roda / SPECIAL THANKS TO Amaranta Capelli / Francesca Grilli is part of the Fies Factory project