Archive NEXT 2016

o.T. (gateways to movement)

Ian Kaler (Austria)

50 minutes

Intensely danced trip about the impossibility of real contact.

An intense dance duet between a young choreographer and an established dance maker : that is (gateways to movement).  Dancers Ian Kaler and Philipp Gehmacher initially seem to move in space separately. Two solos that carefully begin to hook into each other in an attempt to make contact. Under the skin the dancers feel each other's presence but they do not communicate.  Like strangers in our metropolises who also cross each other daily but have few real encounters. The impressive light, the mesmerising language of movement and the live electronic music (by musician Aquarian Jigs) make for a trip that grips you by the scruff of the neck and makes your ears sing until long afterwards. After the premiere at impulsTanz in Vienna, Kaler was described in the press as “one of the most exciting male leads in the dance field”.

The young Austrian choreographer Ian Kaler studied multimedia art in Vienna and was one of the first to graduate from the pilot programme 'Contemporary dance, context and choreography' at the Art University of Berlin. Since 2010 Kaler has developed performances in collaboration with other artists in which the borders between the various art disciplines are explored. Ian Kaler used ohne Titel as a name for a whole series of dance performances. In the first part (the emotionality of the jaw) he was the only dancer on stage and examined to live electronic music what it means to be adrift and to let go. In its successor (gateways of movement) he is together with dancer Philipp Gehmacher in whose work he used to participate, and musician Aquarian Jugs aka Jam Rostron. Next to ohne Titel he has already created another series of performances under the name Contingencies and he developed a video installation together with Anne Quirynen. His work is shown at important European art venues such as Tanzquartier (Vienna) and HAU (Berlin). As a dancer Ian Kaler has worked together with well-known choreographers such as Isabelle Schad and Laurent Chétouane.

ARTISTIC LEADERSHIP / CHOREOGRAFIC FRAMING Ian Kaler PERFORMANCE Philipp Gehmacher, Ian Kaler MUSIC – COMPOSITION AND PRODUCTION Aquarian Jugs Aka Jam Rostron MUSIC PERFORMED BY Aquarian Jugs Aka Jam Rostron SPACE Stephanie Rauch LIGHTDESIGN Jan Maertens TECHNICAL DIRECTOR Ben Clark COSTUMES Marcus Karkhof INPUT DRAMATURGY Heike Albrecht INPUT BODYWORK Patricia Brülhart, Marian Hudek, Stephane Peeps Moun PROJECTMANAGEMENT Das Schaufenster PRODUCTION Ian Kaler COPRODUCTION Impulstanz - Vienna International Dance Festival SUPPORTED BY Wien Kultur MADE POSSIBLE BY International Net for Dance and Performance Austria - INTPA of Tanzquartier Wien with funds by BKA and BMeiA