Archive NEXT 2013


Alix Eynaudi (France)

Choreographer Alix Eynaudi creates a dance duet inspired by the sadomasochistic practice of bondage, which she converts into choreographic instructions. But how do you pervert a perversity ? Monique looks for an answer to this bizarre question. The dancers (Marc Lorimer and Alix Eynaudi herself) pull and push, drag and carry. Monique is a dance piece full of touching, observation and contact, also full of care, attention and responsibility. The duet upsets physical techniques and mixes them gaily with a stream of movements from gymnastics, modern and contemporary dance, sex games... It begins as a series of silent rituals and little by little develops into a homage to the theatre dance of the previous century. An Breugelmans designed costumes in materials she didn’t only choose for their look. More important were weight, texture and feel. The performance emanated from the costumes and vice versa. Light, scenery and music shamelessly bulldoze established ideas of good taste, thus searching for unbridled theatrical freedom.

Alix Eynaudi took a ballet training at the opera of Paris and danced in several classical companies. Afterwards she studied at P.A.R.T.S., the school of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, and danced with Rosas for six years. Now she creates her own work and can be seen in productions by others, such as Superamas and Kris Verdonck.

CONCEPT Alix Eynaudi / PERFORMED BY Alix Eynaudi & Mark Lorimer / LIGHTING DESIGN Kris Verdonck / ARTISTIC ADVICE Lars Kwakkenbos – as part of the collaboration with Workspace Brussels / MUSICAL ADVICE Jean-Luc Plouvier / COSTUMES An Breugelmans / TECHNICAL DIRECTION Herman Venderickx PRODUCTION Margarita Production for The Other vzw (Brussels) / COPRODUCTION Kaaitheater (Brussels), Festival NEXT (Eurometropolis Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai + Valenciennes), Tanzquartier Wien (Vienna), Workspace Brussels / SUPPORT Pianofabriek (Brussels), Wp Zimmer (Antwerp), Vooruit (Ghent) & Vlaamse Overheid / THANKS Karen Lambaek, Maîtresse Athéna & Monique