Archive NEXT 2016

Margin Release f/f

Lenio Kaklea (Greece / France)

50 minutes

Fascinating dream world full of masks and verbal plastic surgery.

In ancient times the Romans made a wax mask to preserve the face of the deceased for the future generations. When somebody who is still alive sees such a mask of himself, he sees his real face for the first time, which is not the face reflected by a mirror. In Margin Release, Lenio Kaklea and Kerem Gelebek make 'unreal' masks by dividing them into halves and then mirroring them so that they no longer refer to their real face. Parallel with this they tell stories about themselves but scrambled instead of autobiographic. In this way they create fictitious versions of themselves. What really happened and what not ? It seems like verbal plastic surgery !

Lenio Kaklea was born in Athens and is now living in Paris. She studied dance in France and also took a master's course with Bruno Latour at Sciences Po about the link between art and politics. As a dancer Kaklea worked together with well-known choreographers such as Boris Charmatz, Emmanuelle Huynh, François Chaignaud and Cecilia Bengolea. She developed the project 'matter of act', in which spectators reconstructed performances and scrutinized the relationship between audience, performance and programming. She also developed fluctuat nec mergitur, a 'choreographed file' with 250 participants.

Together with dance legend Lucinda Childs she created the solo deux  l

NEXT also shows her other performance Arranged by date, as a double bill with A kind of Fierce by Katerina Andreou.

*18.11 - Motus + Lenio Kaklea double bill

CHOREOGRAPHY Lenio Kaklea IN COLLABORATION WITH Lou Forster, Katerina Andreou & Kerem Gelebek PERFORMED BY Lenio Kaklea & Katerina Andreou LIGHTS Philippe Gladieux SOUND Eric Yvelin OBJECTS Olivier Brichet SHIBARI CREATION Amaury Grisel COSTUMES La Bourette & Lenio Kaklea ACCOMPANIMENT Extrapole, Agnès Henry PRODUCTION SUPPORT Komm’n’act, Plateforme Pour La Jeune Creation PRODUCTION Le O Association COPRODUCTION Les Spectacles Vivants, Centre Pompidou ; Cdc Atelier De Paris – Carolyn Carlson ; Hellenic Festival Sa ; La Villette - Résidence D’artistes 2015 - Paris ; Le Quartz – Scène Nationale De Brest WITH THE SUPPORT OF Cnd De Pantin ; Le Merlan,– Scène Nationale De Marseille ; Komm’n’act, Marseille ; Le Prisme – Centre De Développement Artistique Saint-Quentin-En-Yvelines ; La Direction Régionale Des Affaires Culturelles D’ile-De-France