Archive NEXT 2014


Ali Moini (Iran / France) & Cie selon l'heure (Iran / France)

50 minutes

Me, myself and I. Our identity doesn't consist of one “I” but it is fragmented. Depending on the situation we switch over to a different version of ourselves. This is the idea round which revolves Lives, a fascinating solo by the Iranian choreographer Ali Moini. In a country where identity and artistic freedom are strictly controlled by the authorities, it is not obvious to reflect in theatre your personal life and attitude towards social developments. Nailed down in a corset of wires Moini reminisces about his youth in Iran. The impressive light plan and soundscape support this enchanting performance.

After his study in France, Moini has been touring with his performances participating in festivals from the Middle East to New York. And now also at NEXT !

CONCEPT, CHOREOGRAPHY & SCENOGRAPHY Ali Moini / VIDEO, INSTALLATION & ACCESSORIES Frederick Rodrigues (on a project by George Apostolakos) / INTERPRETATION Ali Moini / LIGHTS & GENERAL REGIE Augustin Sauldubois / DRAMATURGY ADVISOR Thibaud Croisy / PRODUCTION Selon L’Heure / WITH THE SUPPORT OF Fondation d'entreprise Hermès within the framework of New Settings #3 / WITH THE SUPPORT OF Centre national de danse contemporaine Angers and TANZQUARTIER Wien