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Light as a Feather, Green as an Apple - SOLD OUT!

Veli Lehtovaara (Finland), Maria Ferreira Silva (Portugal), Theater Malpertuis (Belgium / Finland) & Zodiak (Belgium / Finland)

60 minutes

How do you connect iconography and choreography ? How can you reconcile a secular society to the beauty and comfort of religious images ?

The iconographic images of christianity are cultural common property, certainly for the older generation. For young people they often are old-fashioned pictures. Anyway, they’re images, every one of them, which in their primitive power and recognizability ask essential questions about life, death and suffering.

The Finnish dancer Veli Lehtovaara and the Portugese Maria Ferreira Silva made Light as a Feather Green as an Apple as a final project when he graduated from P.A.R.T.S. In this duet, they blow the dust off the mouldered icons in a surprising way. With a minimum of resources the dancers transform into Adam and Eve, Joseph the carpenter, the Virgin Mary, the crucified Jesus, the mourning Mary...

Today religion often stands for fundamentalism and conservatism. But by throwing away God and religion at the same time, the atheists also impoverish their reality. Light as a Feather Green as an Apple claims the icons of our deeply religious past, without any diffidence, without weightiness. An alternative mass, a light-footed short story.

Coaching Piet Arfeuille, Pauliina Hulkko, Peter Vandenbempt /With Veli Lehtovaara and Maria Ferreira Silva / Production and coordination, Stage design and technical conceptRik Teunis, Jani-Matti Salo, Oula Susi, Dimitri Compernolle, Wim Loobuyck / ProductionTheater Malpertuis  / CoproductionZodiak, Center for New Dance