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Les Cornes du Diable, Possession and more

Fanadeep (France)

105 minutes

Julien Herrault and Xavier Deranlot occupy the cultural centre Espace Pasolini in Valenciennes. It will be a complete immersion in the unique universe of their company Fanadeep. They make earlier work bounce and collide in a cocktail of video, photography and performance.

Julien Herrault and Xavier Deranlot are visual artists, performers, directors. They call themselves Mr J and Mr X (which is also the name for all their photography and video work). Together they set up Fanadeep (which covers everything that has to do with performance).

They live and work in Paris. For Next 2008 they created the theatrical sound and video installation Fils de D.

In their work Mr J and Mr X seek a common place for installation, dance, performance and acting. Their investigation focuses on the confrontation and the similarities between the different media. So it’s only logical that they integrate both performance and video in their new creation.

At present Mr J and Mr X are writing the scenario for their very first short film.

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