Dancing among bombs. Six actors – three women, three men – occupy the stage. They dance in a derelict ballroom and serve fragments of a story that will never be told. Their story. Their memories. Do they participate in a weird sort of competition ? How did they get there ? What do they want ? On the ground, there’s debris. The dancers have pushed it aside :: their world may well have collapsed but as long as they are dancing, they needn’t worry. Late Night irrevocably deals with Europe and the crisis in Greece, though it is not said in so many words. It’s about the future but it happens in the past. It’s about hope and despair. An endless waltz on the ruins of a devastated Europe. A melodramatic performance with the most exciting and emotional soundtrack of the year. Blitz Theatre Group takes its name from the ceaseless German bombardments in Great-Britain at the beginning of the Second World War. Giorgos Valaïs, Angeliki Papoylia and Christos Passalis founded Blitz in 2004. They want to investigate what our present society wants from art and what theatre can mean in the 21st century. To that purpose, they use various forms of art and techniques. They have been successful with several of their productions a.o. in France, Germany and the Netherlands.

Free buss from:
* Courtrai (27/11) départure 19h00 from Conservatorium

COREALISATION WITH Théâtre du Nord Lille / TEXT AND DIRECTION Blitz Theatre Group / DRAMATURGY Blitz Theatre Group and Nikos Flessas / WITH Maria Filini, Sophia Kokkali, Angeliki Papoulia, Christos Passalis, Fidel Talaboukas, Giorgos Valaïs ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Vassia Attarian / LIGHT DESIGNER Tasos Paleoroutas / CHOREOGRAPHY Yannis Nikolaidis / SETS Efi Birba COSTUMES Vasilia Rozana / THE COMPANY IS REPRESENTED BY Ligne Directe / Judith Martin (www.lignedirecte.net) / COPRODUCTION Centre Culturel Onassis, Athènes / Blitz Theatre Group / La Filature, Scène nationale de Mulhouse / Creation 31 October 2012 - Athens, Onassis Cultural Center