A giant eye stares fixedly at the audience. Its distorted reflection flickers in a pool. Slowly, very slowly a body detaches itself from the silvery pool. A bust. A thighbone. The body raises itself. Bit by bit. Are you already getting a bit disturbed ? It is the body of the classically trained dancer Satchie Noro. Is she a prisoner of the installation ? Or does the installation want to show us who she is ? To the spectator ? To herself ? The image makes us think of Narcissus seen through a filter of moving images and sounds. A living space comes into being in which the movements of a body unfold, a body that gets completely disorganised, divided and split up into two through the action of this space. L’intrus balances between visual and stage art, between shape and shapeless.

As a visual artist and performer, Emmanuelle Raynaut develops a ‘family of projects’. The core of each of them consists of images, sounds, drawings and texts. Around that core she weaves a membrane of sensitive trains of thoughts. She explores the body by confronting it with other materials. This theme also plays an important part in other installations/performances of hers, such as Ma botte secrète (My secret boot), J’étais comme une pierre j’étais comme un arbre (I was like a stone I was like a tree) or Ceci n’est pas une peinture (This is not a painting).

Free buss from:
* Courtrai (30/11) départure 15h30 from Conservatorium (Parcours with Jérôme Brabant, Christian Rizzo & See You NEXT Time (meal included))

CONCEPT AND PERFORMANCE Emmanuelle Raynaut / DANCER Satchie Noro / LIGHTING DESIGN Philipe Roussilhe / MUSICIAN, SOUND DESIGN AND ACOUSTIC DEVICES Kerwin Rolland / SCIENTIFIC ADVICES Christian Jacquemin / DIRECTION Loic Guyon / PRODUCTION AREP / COPRODUCTION LE CENTQUATRE, Festival NEXT (Eurometropolis Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai + Valenciennes) WITH THE SUPPORT AND HELP FOR MODEL SCALE AND PRODUCTION 2010/11 Centre National de la cinématographie, dispositif DICRéAM – Résidence de recherche et expérimentation 2010-2011 Centre National des écritures du spectacle, Chartreuse de Villeneuve lez Avignon – Résidence de création 2011 Seconde Nature, Aix en Provence en coréalisation avec ZINC – Friche Belle de Mai