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Klinkende Stad 2019 Burengeluid

Paul Devens (Netherlands), Ana Guedes (Portugal), Flora Koene (Netherlands), Jesus Canuto Iglesias (Spain), Arzu Saglam (Switzerland), Jeroen Vandesande (Belgium), Floris Vanhoof (Belgium) & Kris Verdonck (Belgium)

Minimum age 6+
75 minutes

What if sound becomes visible and image can sound ? Then you get sound art, once described by De Morgen as art that is not music, yet crawls into your ears. In the trend-setting exhibition Klinkende Stad, Wilde Westen anually presents international sound artists who make installations in the twilight zone between image, sound and music.

After the top edition of 'Sound Art to Object' during Biennale Interieur 2018 the festival is a guest of NEXT 2019. Organisers Wilde Westen and the Dutch festival November Music (Den Bosch) selected four Dutch and four Flemish sound artists, among them topdogs from various disciplines who also have international renown : Paul Devens, Ana Guedes, Flora Koene and Philip Vermeulen from the Netherlands and Arzu Saglam, Jeroen Vandesande, Floris Vanhoof and Kris Verdonck from Flanders.

Curators Matteo Marangoni (iii workspace, Den Haag) and Joost Fonteyne (Wilde Westen, Kortrijk) make you discover singing tubas, a 'sweet spot' that converts a landscape into sound, the magistral flap-flap, vinyl records steered by the tusks of a beetle, record players with several arms, an intriguing sound room, a feedback composition ánd a visual 'song' for the deaf. Klinkende Stad 2019 is a travelling exhibition that first halts in Den Bosch for November Music from 1 to 10 November and then comes to Kortrijk in Muziekcentrum Track. The exhibition is free.

A project of Wilde Westen and November Music. With the support of Grensverleggers / De Buren

Free buss:
* 24/11: Departure at 15h from Villeneuve d'Ascq (Parcours)

The expo can be visited (for free) from 22/11 to 08/12 on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays between 14h and 18h.
OPENING: 22/11 at 19h: expo + performances.
More info:

ORGANIZATION Wilde Westen, November Music (NL) / CURATOR Joost Fonteyne (Wilde Westen), Matteo Marangoni (iii, Den Haag) / WITH THE SUPPORT OF Vlaams-Nederlands Huis deBuren. Grensverleggers, regeling ter ondersteuning van culturele samenwerkingen tussen partijen in Vlaanderen, de Provincie Noord-Brabant, de Provincie Limburg en de Provincie Zeeland.