Archive NEXT 2022

The Line is a Curve

Kae Tempest (United Kingdom)

Minimum age 12+
120 minutes

A stream of words as an uppercut

"Tempest's genre-blending fourth album is their most grounded project to date" (Kadish Morris, The Guardian, ★★★★)

The taste for words. In all forms. Kae Tempest makes their first appearance in slam and spoken word at the age of 16 taking part in open stages. From then onwards, their creativity doesn't seem to have any limits. At 36, Kae Tempest has already produced five books of poetry, three plays, three albums and two novels, Ecoute la ville tomber  (2018), then Connexion (2021).

Their new album, The Line is a Curve , speaks of letting go. Of the shame, the anxiety, the isolation and the loneliness. Of embracing the cyclic nature of time, of growth, of love. “Less pressure, more leisure, please allow me to let go”, we hear in More Pressure. Like a hymn to freedom combining eletronic loops and this typical spoken word, chanted with a light Cockney accent. “The unique voice of our epoch” according to the New York Times.

On stage the artist, originating from Lewisham, in the south of London, is in their element. Their usual flow takes a whole other dimension, unleashing a storm of emotions.


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