Juste des jeux is a colourful performance in which the French actress and director Claire Rengade performs together with the three musicians of Cheval des Trois, who describe themselves as a 'fanfare de poche' (a pocket brass band) Together they are the Collectif Craie who present a new mixture of theatre, poetry and reportage. In their first performance Juste des Jeux they do not only tell stories but they also sing and rap. In this science fiction performance, the four players explore the boundaries of their own medium and visibly enjoy themselves on stage. Rengade's text deals with the virtual world in which we live and the more and more fluid boundaries between the real and the digital reality. In May 2014 Juste des Jeux was awarded the prize of the audience at Eurotopiques in Tournai and is restaged for NEXT.

TXT Claire Rengade / WITH Jérémy Bonnaud, Éric Exbrayat, Radoslaw Klukowski, Claire Rengade/ PRODUCTION Collectif Craie (Lyon) / COPRODUCTION Théâtre de Vénissieux / SUPPORTED BY La Région Rhônes-Alpes