Chamber opera annex choreographed diary with a pasolinian touch.

Theatre maker Salvatore Calcagno was born in La Louvière in a family with Sicilian roots. His work always has an autobiographical approach but Calcagno goes beyond the purely neorealistic portrait of daily life by a millimetered style of writing and an almost obsessive attention for rhythm, colour, light and detail. In Calcagno's theatre, body language takes precedence over the spoken word. With Io sono Rocco he goes one step further and creates a chamber opera annex pantomime with a pasolinian touch. When his father died, Calcagno discovered in his house a series of old records of Ennio Morricone, the world-famous Italian composer of film music. From this starting-point Calcagno creates a 'fantasised choreographed diary' in which his own grief is at the heart of the dramaturgy. There are three characters in this piece : the mother (Elise Caluwaerts, coloratura soprano), Death (Sophie Sénécaut) and Rocco (Lorenzo De Angelis). They enter into duels with each other in many ways in this attractive fight between death and beauty.

Salvatore Calcagno (1990) was born in La Louvière. In his childhood he travelled back and forth between Sicily and Belgium. His first interest was music, more particularly singing, guitar and piano. However, he opted for theatre to give full expression to his personal obsessions about image and rhythm. In 2012 he graduated as producer from INSAS (Institut National des Art du Spectacle) and on that occasion he was awarded the Prix MariePaule Godenne. In 2013 he created his first piece, La Vecchia Vacca, with which he was proclaimed 'Meilleure découverte de l'année 2013' in the context of the Prix de la Critique Belge, and the play as 'Meilleure production hors Québec' by ACQT. In 2014 he made an ode to today's youth with Le Garçon de la piscine . Calcagno also works as a playwright, f.ex. Après la peur  for Armel Roussel in 2015. With actor Dany Boudreault he made a performance in a hotel room, Sarà perché ti amo. Calcagno also produces texts of others, as for his next theatre project : La Voix humaine by Jean Cocteau.

*Kortrijk: 28.11 - 19:00
*Valenciennes: 28.11 - 18:45

DIRECTION AND SCENOGRAPHY Salvatore Calcagno WITH Lorenzo De Angelis, Elise Caluwaerts, Sophie Sénécaut MUSICAL ARRANGEMENT Angelo Guttadauria LIGHTS DESIGNER Amélie Géhin TECHNICAL DIRECTION Kevin Sage CREATION COSTUMES WITH HELP OF The Atelier Costume Du Théâtre Varia MAKE-UP Edwina Calcagno ARTISTIC ADVICES Émilie Flamant, Douglas Grauwels, Antoine Neufmars PRODUCTION Gabrielle Dailly BOOKING INTERNATIONAL Apropic, Line Rousseau PRESENTED AT Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Théâtre Varia PRODUCTION Garçon Garçon Asbl COPRODUCTION Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Théâtre De Liège, Théâtre Varia, Charleroi Danses, Maison De La Culture De Tournai, Next Festival