Archive NEXT 2015

Het Hamiltoncomplex

Lies Pauwels (Belgium) & hetpaleis (Belgium)

105 minutes

The Hamilton Complex is a performance with thirteen thirteen-year-old girls and a body-builder. But who are they, these girls of 13 ? Sometimes they all seem to be themselves, then again they especially resemble each other. The Hamilton Complex is a physical, visual and philosophical performance about those moments in life at which things begin to shift. But does such a moment define your identity ? In The Hamilton Complex fantasy and reality, present and past, thoughts and expressions, copycat behaviour and heroism come together. Sometimes flowing, then again brutal. Long ago director Lies Pauwels acted in a legendary trilogy by Arne Sierens & Alain Platel. She worked together with Herman Brusselmans and her previous performance White Lies was selected for Circuit x, a talent platform of Het Theaterfestival.

DESIGN AND STAGING: Lies Pauwels, WITH: Anne Coopman, Luna De Boos, Bruce Eelen, Zita Fransen, Lies Genné, Robine Goedheid Liesbeth Houtain, Krekels Julia, Aline Moponami, Ans Schoepen, Emma Van Broeckhoven, Mona Van den Bossche, Lisa Van den Houte by Stefan Gota, DECOR: Chloe Lamford, COSTUMES: Johanna Trudzinski, CHOREOGRAPHY: Lisi Estaras, LIGHTING DESIGN: Frank Haesevoets, DRAMATURGY: Hanneke Reiziger, PRODUCTION: HETPALEIS - Anvers