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Heen/Terug - Aller/Retour

Valentine Kempynck (Belgium)

Heen/Terug is a visual piece that superimposes the traces of the BANKJE 2010 project over itself. It is an installation that illustrates itself if you like. A piece about how time creates space. During the space of one year and together with the residents, Valentine Kempynck built ‘BANKJES’ (benches) on the rafters of roofs in the Eurometropolis. An old custom was thus revived and is now left behind again. This ‘travelling piece’ (see is the material for Heen/Terug.

Let’s talk about BANKJE2010: on Saturday 20/11 at 17h00 there will be a discussion. People who ‘requested’ a bench, interested parties, architects, neighbours, people from the profession, roofers, students, guest speakers and festival audiences will take BANKJE 2010 as the link to discuss together about society and art and time. An open discussion.

concept: Valentine Kempynck / in partnership with Jellichje Reijnders and Rachid Laachir / production: NEXT