A mechanical opera played by ten cashiers, that's probably the best description of Have a nice day. The décor full of cold light and the continuous bleeps of scanned products make you hyperconscious of the robot-like working conditions of the anonymous women you meet every day behind the till. But hidden behind the superficial hellos and the forced smiles there are individuals with a personality of their own. The secret thoughts and lost dreams of these women have been worked into the music score. Although this supermarket opera contains a lot of criticism about capitalism and our continuous urge to consume, it is very witty, ironical and poetical. The New York Times thought the performance “intelligent, charming and considerably subversive”.

* Tournai: 17.11 - 19:00h
* Kortrijk: 17.11 - 19:00h

LIBRETTIST Vaiva Grainyte˙ / COMPOSER AND MUSIC DIRECTOR Lina Lapelyte˙ / DIRECTOR AND SET DESIGNER Rugile˙ Barzdžiukaite˙ / COSTUME DESIGNER Daiva Samajauskaite˙ / LIGHTING DESIGNER Eugenijus Sabaliauskas / PRODUCER OPEROMANIJA / CASHIERS Lina Dambrauskaite˙ , Liucina Blaževicˇ, Vida Valuckiene˙ , Veronika Cˇicˇinskaite˙ -Golovanova, Lina Valioniene˙ , Rima Šoviene˙ , Milda Zapolskaite˙ , Rita Racˇiu‐niene˙ , Svetlana Bagdonaite˙ , Kristina Svolkinaite˙ / SECURITY GUARD Ke˛stutis Pavalkis (piano)