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Giulio Cesare. Pezzi staccati.

Romeo Castellucci (Italy)

45 minutes

The Italian iconoclast and grandmaster of theatre, Romeo Castelluci, who tours around the world with his iconographic and pure creations, does a remake of his well-known performance Giulio Cesare from 1997. This piece is based on Julius Caesar by Shakespeare and shows Roman society without any form of glory but in a sensual, almost visceral way. Thus the mysterious character “vskij” has a small endoscopic camera in his nose which projects images of his vocal cords live on stage. How literally can the word become flesh ? On the other hand, there's Marc Anthony who is placed on a pedestal like a statue and can only breathe through a hole in his throat after a laryngotomy. Seldom was theatre so intense, so naked and to the bone. Not for sensitive viewers !

17.11 Benjamin Verdonck + Romeo Castellucci: € 19

* Villeneuve d'Ascq: 17.11 - 20:00h
* Kortrijk: 18.11 - 20:00h

CONCEIVING AND STAGING by Romeo Castellucci / WITH Dalmazio Masini (Markanton) and Simone Toni (... vskji) / AND WITH two Extras to be find in the cities / DIRECTOR ASSISTANT Silvano Voltolina / SOUND TECHNIQUE Gionni Gardini, Stefano Carboni / PRODUCTION Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio