Archive NEXT 2020


Thomas Turine (Belgium), Vincent Lemaître (Belgium) & Leslie Mannès (Belgium)

Minimum age 14+
50 minutes

Forces is a futuristic and compelling ritual. Three female performers take us along in a whirlwind of primary, earthly and technological powers. Like cyborgs, warriors and shamans these women draw from the invisible to take their body to a vital and collective metamorphosis.

Just like in Atomic 3001 Leslie Mannès, Thomas Turine and Vincent Lemaître examine in this performance the triangular relationship between body, light and sound. Forces appeals to the irrational to celebrate the strength of vitality. The body is continuously in motion and fundamentally connected with the elements of nature. Through chaos, joy and community it tries to appropriate inner strength.

Again the spectator is submerged in a sensual overall experience. Think optical illusions and dancing shadows, hypnotizing movements and intoxicating music. This hour doesn't lose its tension for a moment.  A trip you can only watch breathlessly.

The Belgian trio Leslie Mannès, Thomas Turine and Vincent Lemaître have already worked together for several performances a.o. with the companies Moussoux-Bonté and System Failure. The first is a dancer and a choreographer, the second a composer and musician, the third a light designer. In their creations body, light and sound are three foundations of their collective artistic language.