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Fight Night

Ontroerend Goed (Belgium)

80 minutes

Interactive theatre with a bitter twist.

 “a vitally important investigation into why we are so fond of our democratic institutions in spite of their failing” (The Scotsman)

 Fight Night is an interactive theatre performance about our voting behaviour in which the audience has the power. Armed with a voting apparatus the spectator himself chooses which one of the five actors remains as 'the winner' and which one - round after round – is sent backstage. This heartrending knock-out system is presented by Angelo Tijssens, the sweet-voiced Master of Ceremonies of regretted decisions.


Ontroerend Goed guarantees impressive theatre that thinks out of the box and liberates the audience from its passive role. In Fight Night it investigates how you can bend the opinion of an audience and this is often quite confronting.

What is the basis on which we prefer someone to or at the cost of someone else ? Often it is about impressions rather than considerations about content. We grow along with somebody's voice, with a certain image, and gradually we get attached to it. Director Alexander Devriendt : “Let's be honest, the popularity of Bart De Wever did start during 'De slimste mens ter wereld' didn't it ? This has more to do with his figure than with his party programme.”

Yet the performance doesn't lapse into (too) concrete references; the view of Ontroerend Goed is wider : Fight Night is an exciting democratic experiment with a bitter twist, an 'alarming analysis of consensus politics' (De Morgen)

A sly invitation also to the spectator to get out of his comfortable shell and show his colours.

CONCEPT AND DIRECTION Alexander Devriendt TEXT Alexander Devriendt, Angelo Tijssens & les interprètes WITH Angelo Tijssens, Aurelie Lannoy, Charlotte De Bruyne, Gregory Carnoli, Herve Guerrisi, Jonas Vermeulen, Aaron Gordon, Abdel Daoudi, Michai Geyzen TECHNICAL MANAGER Babette Poncelet, Iben Stalpaert TRANSLATORS Aurélie Lannoy, Joeri Smet SCENOGRAPHY AND COSTUME Sophie De Somere COSTUMES Barbara De Laere SCENOGRAPHY AND LIGHTING DESIGN Lilith Tremmery COMPOSERS Cameron Goodall & David Heinrich SOUND CREATION David Heinrich PHOTOGRAPHY Sarah Eechaut GRAPHIC CREATION OF THE VOTING SYSTEM Nick Mattan PRODUCTION Ontroerend Goed (Gand, BE) & The Border Project (Adelaid, AU)COPRODUCTION Théâtre Royal Plymouth (UK), Vooruit (BE) & Richard Jordan Productions (UK)WITH THE SUPPORT OF Communauté Flamande, Province de la Flandre Orientale, Ville de Gand. In collaboration with CC De Grote Post.