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Do the Calimero

Lies Pauwels (Belgium), LOD (Belgium) & hetpaleis (Belgium)

Minimum age 15+
120 minutes

Carnival, where the underdog hits back

"A strikingly vulnerable performance about the search for a hold in an unstable world" (Charlotte De Somviele, De Standaard)

Lies Pauwels shows carnival as the ultimate metaphor for our human existence. A let-out, a popular festival, a transition ritual too, a no man's land where everything is possible. Where you can be equally small and infirm in the light of the great.

Do the Calimero goes in search of what probably is the most fundamental drive of man : the longing to find a place in a super-fast changing world and to create order in the chaos. But this doesn't always appear to be so easy. Sometimes it's necessary to let off steam. And that's why there's carnival. When we wonder : which old customs should we appreciate, which ones should we disdain ? And when we go in search of the outlines of a new world.

A colourful and at the same time dark performance balancing between melancholy and ecstasy, played by two musicians, three performers, two dancers (Les Mybalés) and a child.

In her theatre work Lies Pauwels undertakes a search for emotional intelligence and authenticity together with an often unusual cast. In 2016 she made the very successful performance The Hamilton Complex, which was selected for the Theaterfestival 2016. Represented on stage : thirteen girls of thirteen and a body builder. For Truth or Dare, Britney or Goofy, Nacht und Nebel, Jesus Christ or Superstar seven psychically vulnerable young people shared the stage with three fashion models and a priest.


Co-produced with Le Grand Bleu.

Concept & direction: Lies Pauwels.
Music: Dag Taeldeman & Andrew Van Ostade. 
Cast: Marjan De Schutter, Olga Kunicka, Andrew Van Ostade, Doris & Nathalie Bokongo Nkumu (Les Mybalés), Dag Taeldeman, Mick Galliot Fabré & Amalia Daems Keereman.
rection assistant: Jenne Vandaele.
Costumes & set design: Johanna Trudzinski.
Intern costumer: Louis Verlinde. 
Dramaturgy: Tom Rummens.
Stage manager: Wim Piqueur.
Sound Victor Hidalgo, Sander Cools.
Lighting: Koen Corbet.
Technics: Dean Peeraer.
Production manager: Eva De Wolf 
with thanks to Alexandra Van Der Raaij Markovic.

Production: LOD muziektheater & hetpaleis.
Technical realisation: hetpaleis.
Coproduction: Apollo-Theater Siegen & SCHÄXPIR Festival.
With the support of the Belgian federal government tax shelter measure.
Tax shelter partner: Flanders Tax shelter.