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Alice Ripoll (Brasil) & Cie Suave (Brasil)

Minimum age 14+
50 minutes

Brazilian Alice Ripoll got inspired by the courage of a group of dancers in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. For Cria she started from the dancinha (literally 'small dance'), a popular combination of pop, funk, breakdance that originates from another dance style from Rio, namely the passinho ('small step'). While president Bolsonaro forbids parties around this style, these youngsters dance as if their life is at stake. Explosive, wild and rough.

Driven by the social injustice Ripoll shows the incredible vitality of these bodies. In Portuguese the word cria has two literal meanings : 'young creature' and 'creation'. In Brazil the word is often used to express the love and affection for a young person one takes care of. Through funk and contemporary dance Cria travels to the warm sensuality of the bodies from which all life has sprung. This performance represents the orgy, the sex, the heightened heartbeat, the longings that cause confusion. Seldom has dance been more erotic.

The choreographic work of Alice Ripoll is driven by the polarised social reality in Rio de Janeiro. With a number of young local dancers she founded the group Suave. Their first dance performance of the same name instantly became a great hit and was selected for Kunstenfestivaldesarts. With Cria, the successor of Suave, Ripoll and her dancers can be admired at NEXT Festival for the first time.

Free buss: 
* Departure at 16h15 from Kortrijk (SOLD OUT)

Tickets only through the site of CC De Schakel Waregem

DIRECTOR Alice Ripoll / DANCERS Tiobil Dançarino Brabo, Kinho JP, VN Dançarino Brabo, Nyandra Fernandes, May Eassy, Romulo Galvão, Sanderson Rei da Quebradeira, Thamires Candida, GB Dançarino Brabo, Ronald Sheik / DIRECTOR’S ASSISTANT & SOUND TECHNICIAN Alan Ferreira / MANAGER Rafael Fernandes / LIGHTNING Andréa Capella / COSTUMES Raquel Theo / FUNK MUSICAL DIRECTION DJ Pop Andrade / DESIGN Caick Carvalho / VIDEO AND PHOTOS Renato Mangolin / SUPPORT Centro Coreo- gráfico da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro, Casa do Jongo, Rafael Machado Fisioterapia / TOURPLANNING ART HAPPENS