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Combi: Expo musée LaM Villenueve d'Ascq + Teatrocinema

LaM (France)

Expo musée LaM Villeneuve d'Ascq - Là où commence le jour - 15:30u - LaM Lille Métropole musée d'art moderne, d'art contemporaire et d'art brut
The exposition Là òu commence le jour presented in LaM from the 2nd of octobre 2015 until the 10th of january is designed as apoetic trail with the theme the emancipation of the individual by the learning of (re) knowing the world around him.

Teatrocinema - La Raconteuse de films - 18:00 - La rose des vents Villeneuve d'Ascq
La Raconteuse de films is the new creation of Teatrocinema, the Chilean company that is well-known for its unique mixture of film, theatre and graphic novels. Starting point is a book by author Hernán Rivera Letelier, in which the central character is a girl, Maria Margarita, who discovered that she had a special talent for retelling films when she was ten. First to her disabled father and her four brothers, later also to the other inhabitants of the village. The latter collected a lot of money so that little Maria could go and see the latest films with Marilyn Monroe or Gary Cooper in order to retell them afterwards to the other inhabitants. In this production of Teatrocinema the craft of the actor in these digital days is at the centre.
Also don't miss Histoire d'Amour, their other performance at NEXT !

Ignasi Aballí, Giovanni Anselmo, Dieter Appelt, Oliver Beer, Alighiero Boetti, Nancy Brooks Brody, Lieven De Boeck, Ann Veronica Janssens, Yves Klein, Barbara et Michael Leisgen, Thomas Lerooy, Anthony McCall, Dennis Oppenheim, Giuseppe Penone, Fabrice Samyn, Bill Viola, ...

Adapted from the novel by Hernán Rivera Letelier (Editions Métailié - translation Bertille Hausberg)

DIRECTOR: Zagal, INTERPRETATION: Laura Pizarro, Sofía Zagal, Fernando Oviedo, Christian Aguilera, Daniel Gallo, TECHNICAL DIRECTION AND LIGHT CONTROL: Luis Alcaide, VIDEO PROCESSING: Montserrat Quezada, SOUND: Juan Ignacio Morales, OVERAGE: Vittorio Meschi

ADAPTATION: Laura Pizarro, Dauno Totoro, Julián Marras, Montserrat Quezada and Zagal, DIRECTED BY: Zagal, ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: Vittorio Meschi, INTERPRETATION: Laura Pizarro, Sofía Zagal, Fernando Oviedo, Christian Aguilera, Daniel Gallo, ORIGINAL MUSIC: Zagal, SONGS: Sofía Zagal, MULTIMEDIA ART DIRECTOR: Montserrat Quezada, LIGHTING DESIGN: Luis Alcaide, LIGHT ASSISTANT: Álvaro Salinas, SOUNDTRACK DESIGN: Héctor Quezada, STORY BOARD: Vittorio Meschi, ASSISTANT DIRECTOR AND ONLINE EDITION: Montserrat Quezada, MULTIMEDIA DESIGN: Mirko Petrovich 3D, MODELING: Max Rosenthal, ANIMATION: Max Rosenthal, Sebastián Pinto, POST PRODUCTION: Sebastián Pinto, Max Rosenthal, Vittorio Meschi, CINEMATOGRAPHER: Jorge Aguilar & Montserrat Quezada, PRODUCTION: Teatrocinema, PRODUCTION AND LOGISTICS: Sally Silva, Julián Marras, MANAGEMENT OF INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS: Loreto Araya, COPRODUCTION: Teatrocinema Company (Chile), CorpArtes, Svenska Filminstitutet, Le Manège Mons, Scène nationale de Sète et du Bassin de Thau, La rose des vents Scène nationale Lille Métropole de Villeneuve d’Ascq, WITH THE SUPPORT OF: ONDA (Office National de Diffusion Artistique), Fondart (Conseil National de Culture - Gouvernement du Chili), Valook, Litoralpress and sponsorship in kind of the company Box'Air, ASSOCIATE PRODUCTION OPERATING IN EUROPE: Scène nationale de Sète et du Bassin de Thau