“To create strong images you don't need actors, a director or décor. The only thing you need is the nerve to watch”, says Lotte van den Berg. Cinema Imaginaire isn't the first work of this self-willed Dutch theatre maker. Prior to this, she was working as a maker for Het Toneelhuis where a.o. she worked together with Josse De Pauw and Guy Cassiers, but for years she has also been making her own work, which questions our way of living together and often takes place in public spaces. This is also the case for Cinema Imaginaire, a performance made by the spectators themselves who come together in the city. Lotte van den Berg leads them through the streets and guides them through their own imagination. In the middle of the city reality thus becomes fiction without anyone realizing. An unusual experience !

CONCEPT Lotte van den Berg / DRAMATURGY Sodja Lotker / GUIDE Lotte van den Berg, Howard Lotker / PRODUCTION Antwan Cornelissen / PUBLICITY Karin van de Wiel / MANAGER Anneke Tonen