Archive NEXT 2015


Volmir Cordeiro (Brasil)

30 minutes

In his solo Ciel ('heaven') the Brazilian choreographer Volmir Cordeiro focuses on the representation of marginality in contemporary dance. Cordeiro, who already worked together with Lia Rodrigues and Xavier Le Roy, wants to put on stage beggars, prostitutes, refugees and others who were dealt a bad hand in a more subtle way. After all, they are not only lonely and needy but they also show a lot of resilience. Population groups at the bottom of the social ladder such as transvestites, bohemians and vagabonds indeed also radiate a great cheerfulness which they really enjoy sharing with others. Even though there is a lot of inequality in this earthly life, everyone is welcome in heaven, this is what Volmir Cordeiro seems to want to tell us with this solo.
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CHOREOGRAPHY AND PERFORMANCE: Volmir Cordeiro, MUSIC: « Peixe » - Doces Bárbaros (Caetano
Veloso, Maria Bethânia, Gal Costa et Gilberto Gil), WITH THE SUPPORT OF: Master Essais de l'école
supérieure du CNDC d'Angers, direction Emmanuelle Huynh