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Chronique d'une ex-banquière

Aline Fares (Belgium)

120 minutes

What if the citizens got (back) the power over the banks and the financial world ? The Dexia disaster belongs to the most expensive fiascos in the history of the European banks. The saving of the bank cost France and Belgium billions of euros but now our authorities again want to privatize part of Dexia's successor Belfius.

At the same time the privatization of our social life is lurking around the corner. Can it be dependent on profit maximization while our wealth is distributed among an ever diminishing group of people ? Thinking about our banks is not the privilege of experts. Aline Fares was a banker at Dexia for years and as a performer she wants to give back the keys of the financial world to the citizen. Her humorous conference digs deep into the heart of our banking. "Maybe we shouldn't charge the next crisis on the taxpayer but on those who have built up their wealth year after year ? "