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Eurometropolis Café

Eurometropolis Café (Belgium / France)

A travelling café for one night around what is new and kicking.

In a border region with 2,1 million inhabitants all sorts of things move under the radar. A few times a year, entrepreneurs, creative citizens, students, scientists...from the Eurometropolis Lille-Courtrai-Tournai present their innovative projects in a café for one night : the Eurometropoliscafé ! Enjoy a beer or Picon vin blanc and explore what is going on among the neighbours during portfolio presentations, sofa conversations , short lectures and artistic show moments. Eurometropoliscafé starts with an XL edition as part of NEXT on 30.11. in the Kortrijk Budascoop. On the programme -among others Arkadi Zaides, (Talos 2.0), Edit Kaldor (Web of Trust), Arts Centre Beit El Raqs (Beirut)...

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