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Katerina Andreou (Greece / France)

50 minutes

Surprising solo about freedom and vinyl

How can you exist without belonging somewhere ? The concept of freedom is at the centre of the work of the French-Greek choreographer Katerina Andreou. With BSTRD  she creates a solo about the authentic nature of the bastard. The performance focuses on the home community, the environment par excellence where strange identities can merge without losing the bond with their origin.

In BSTRD Andreou toys with the idea of hybridizing in an attempt to escape each form of identification. In this way she hopes to catch the richness of identity. On stage Andreou has only one partner : a vinyl turntable, a personified voice for her corrupted figure, which is both diverse and unique, anonymous and nameable, common and solitary. The body of BSTRD  presents itself as unique and multiple at the same time.

Katerina Andreou about BSTRD : “In the continuation of my investigation into how I can stage the free will, I take away the focus from the source of my dance to study the complexity at the moment the dancing really takes place. What if the origin of things doesn't matter any longer but only the final function or impact ?

Dancer and choreographer Katerina Andreou finished the master training Essais at the CNDC before she began to work together with renowned choreographers such as Emmanuelle Huynh, Lenio Kaklea and Jocelyn Cottencin. In her own work as a choreographer she is mainly interested in the tension between autonomy and authority.

In 2015 Andreou received the European danceWEB grant for her solo A kind of fierce, for which she was awarded the prix Jardin d'Europe at the international ImpulsTanz Festival in Vienna in 2016. Next to this she made three more short dance pieces a.o. the solo Manèges, which she presented in France, Germany and New York. Her last project Objects of Contagion, with Jasmin Ihrac and Lynda Rahal, got the support of Life Long Burning, a project supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union for the period 2013-2018.

Katerina Andreou

CONCEPT AND PERFORMANCE Katerina Andreou / SOUND DESIGN Katerina Andreou in collaboration with Eric Yvelin / LIGHT DESIGN Yannick Fouassier / OUTSIDE EYE Myrto Katsiki, Lynda Rahal / SOUND ENGINEERING Tal Agam / PRODUCTION Mi Mai / PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT Elodie Perrin / COPRODUCTION Onassis Cultural Center, CDCN Atelier de Paris, CCN de Caen, DESIGNERCCN d’Orléans, La place de la danse CDCN de Toulouse, Ballet de Marseille / WITH THE SUPPORT OF ARCADI Ile de France, DRAC Ile de France / PARTNERS ImpulsTanz Festival (Prix Jardin D’Europe residency), Kunstencentrum BUDA / CND Paris (residence augmentée), La Menagerie de Verre Paris (StudioLab), LA CABINE à Angers, Reservoir Danse Rennes, MonitorFest Heraclion.