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Myriam Gourfink (France)

Minimum age 14+
70 minutes

In the studio Myriam Gourfink observed the meetings of Véronique Weil and Deborah Lary, two dancers she has been working with for some ten years. Their presences gave the feeling that a state of togetherness without confusion was possible, existing next to each other without chilliness or merging. They inspired her to study the classical duet form for the first time.

For this duet Myriam Gourfink wants to make the softness and intelligence of touching readable and tangible. Effort makes place for the expression of feeling, spectacular virtuosity for the poetry of spacial orientation. Can a dance body involuntarily produce a dramaturgy ? Can a choreographic score with only abstract indications get a significance for the spectator ? On the basis of the kinetography of Rudolf Laban, a unique notation system which made it possible to visualize dance movements, Gourfink creates a choreography that gives both direction and space to her performers. A wonderful exercise of balance.

Strongly inspired by a.o yoga techniques and lab notation Myriam Gourfink has been developing a unique dance language since 2002. Her work could be seen at prestigious festivals such as Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels and Springdance in New York.

“A dance that is so delicate that you quickly forget technique” (Nicolas Villondre, Mouvement)

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